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Managing Director (2012-Present)

  • Led a joint venture with SP Group, the largest shareholder of Tata Group, negotiating a milestone based investment at a valuation of US$550 Mn for Midwest’s African coking coal asset, without giving up controlling stake
  • Executed favorable joint venture mining contracts with Government boards for extraction of dimensional stone, thus expanding operations and doubling the profitability
  • Strategized internal disruption of Midwest’s traditional natural stone mining business through natural stone alternatives, recognizing synthetic stone products as a threat to building materials market
  • Motivated cross cultural teams across international borders, executing resource optimization strategies successfully
  • Represented mining industry’s concerns to the mines ministry in the capacity of General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Granite Association and worked alongside policy makers to champion mining policies that incentivized expanded CSR programs, thus gaining goodwill and cooperation from local communities

Director - Operations (2009-2011)

  • Recognized GFC as an opportunity to enhance market share, achieving a 50% increase through a series of acquisitions at low valuations and aggressive marketing strategies, placing Midwest among top 3 mining companies in Natural Stone Industry
  • Negotiated and raised US$5 Mn in form of interest free advances from Chinese customers against exclusivity contracts
  • Established an innovative trade finance relationship with Cargill that boosted Midwest’s access to credit lines by 20%, thus reducing its cost of financing and increasing its bottom line
  • Achieved excellence in mining operations, resulting in Midwest being recognized as ‘Star Export House’ for consecutive years by Ministry of Industry and Commerce and awarded ‘The Safest Dimensional Stone Mine’ and ‘The Best Mechanized Mine’

Head of Operations (2005-2008)

  • Set up a tax efficient corporate holding structure for overseas assets involving multiple jurisdictions to take advantage of Double Taxation Treaties and Investor Protection agreements
  • Established efficient systems, processes and controls as a part of business processing, re-engineering initiative and achieved substantial efficiency gain
  • Conducted extensive exploration programs to discover new natural stone deposits and progressed them into profitable operations within few months, thus achieving sustainable annual growth of 20% year on year
  • Developed financial model with projected cash flows of Midwest to evaluate impact of various refinancing opportunities and debt financing alternatives on cash flow and credit statistics
  • Negotiated long term agreements with unions, breaking the existing practice of annual negotiations, an industry practice for 20 years

Head of Marketing (2002-2004)

  • Expanded the customer base many folds and increased the market foot print of Midwest from 9 to 40 countries. Established sales and distribution operations in China which constitutes 80% of Midwest’s total sales
  • Carved out a market for commercial products/potential export rejects improving the sales yield and profitability


Internship, Italy (2001)

  • Rotated among the mining, processing, sales and HR divisions in the company
  • Worked with designing and marketing teams comprising of architects and also got trained at operating mining equipment



Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering (1997-2001)


  • Positions Currently Held: General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Granite Association; Board Member of the Audit Committeeof The Mozambique Coal Development Association (AMDCM)
  • International Experience: Extensive exposure living and working in China, US, Sri Lanka and Africa